Cocoa Butter (Theobroma oil)

Cocoa Butter (Theobroma oil)

We all love that wonderous smell of cocoa.  I sure do. Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, is a pale-yellow, edible fat extracted from the cocoa bean. It is used to make chocolate, as well as some ointments, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. Cocoa butter has a cocoa flavor and aroma. Its melting point is just below human body temperature.

Cocoa butter is also rich in natural plant compounds called phytochemicals. These substances may improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin aging by protecting against damage from the sun's harmful UV rays. One common use of cocoa butter is to smooth scars, wrinkles, and other marks on the skin.

Many skin care products contain cocoa butter, including moisturizers and anti-aging creams. These products claim to have several benefits for skin health, such as alleviating dry skin and improving skin elasticity.

Please know cocoa butter is known to clog pores so be careful when using on your face. And as always if you have any nut allergies please consult your doctor before use.  

Lets start healing, protecting, and moisturizing our skin using all natural ingredients and essential oils. Let plants heal our bodies inside and out.  Your skin will thank you later. 

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